Journeywork by David Bailey


Journeywork by David Bailey

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Journeywork is a notable first book, and a finished circle. David Bailey’s poetry speaks directly to the reader, to the personal journey that each of us is on, towards knowing ourselves and living what we find. Both light and shadow come alive in the spaces of these poems. The route unfolds through cities and relationships, from the raw and beautiful Himalayas to the powerful pilgrimage sites of India, and finally to a profound homecoming among the forests of Northern California. This book is a companion to those in search of a path that leads to being at home in this life.

soft cover, 92 pages

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“David Bailey’s poems elevate with a wry language of pilgrimage to what is our closest friend: the eternal Now. With its Debussy echoes and elegantly articulated thoughts, he traverses a kind of secular gnosticism, looping us back into ourselves refreshed with other landscapes.”

-Sufi Poet Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore